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      Brief Introduction

      Wansun Financial Services Group(WFSG) founded in 2008 by China’s well-known investor Mr. Hoo and entrepreneurial team created the joint activities, mainly conducted domestic financial institution’s BPO business and NPL of commercial bank’s assets solution.

      We are the China market pioneer all those years to reduce the ratio of bad loan, improve its performance under watchdog’s monitoring, support them a better services both in creditcard and consumer’s loan circles.

      As we have been in this industry for over five years professional experiences, Wansun Financial Services Group awarded many high reputations by banks and other financial institutions, now the biggest and the largest Financial Services firm both in scale and business volume.

      Today’s Wansun business overlapped Processes outsourcing and Products marketing outsourcing, covered credit collection-NPL of assets solution and clients relation maintenance, commercial bills collection as well, We provided full range of retail banking business solution.

      Wansun Financial Services Group has established 83-branch offices nationwidely, coordinated entire all big banks and licensed loan companies, mutual benefits and trusts will bring us a better future in markets exploring and third party independent total solution. Now we are the biggest independent credit card collection and based in China with broad view abroad for a much more market potential.

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